“Let it be know that he who wears the Purple Heart has given of his blood in the defense of his homeland and shall forever be revered by his fellow countrymen.” – General George Washington

I’ve had the wonderful oppportunity to meet and work with some of the great people behind a great organization in my area, Purple Heart Homes.

Purple Heart Homes, Inc., is dedicated to providing personalized housing solutions for Service Connected Disabled Veterans and their families that are substantial in function, design and quality—homes that are fit to welcome home, and thank, the fighting men and women of America. Each case is different, but in all cases Purple Heart Homes provides at little or no cost to the veteran a “quality of life solution” that creates an injury specific, barrier free-living environment. These solutions can range from remodeling an existing home already owned by the veteran, to creating an entire living space from the ground up.

I want to get the word out about these great people and their awesome work! Please check out their web site and learn about the difference they are making in the lives of our American Heros! Thanks!

Purple Heart Homes, Inc.